BRITAIN’S BEST FAMILY THEME PARK: Paultons Park Home of Peppa Pig World


Paultons Park home of Peppa Pig World is an amusement park in the south of England. Twenty minutes from Southampton and 2 hours south west of London. A visit to Paultons Park can be also be added to a child-friendly itinerary for those visiting the New Forest, Stonehenge and as a cruise excursion from Southampton. What age is the best for visiting Peppa Pig World?

The history of the beautifully landscaped 140-acre estate dates back to 1323. Paultons park opened in 1983 with immaculate gardens, a pristine lake and exotic birds. An adventure playground and village museum were the main attractions at the time. Over the next 2 decades new rides were added and now 70 wonderful rides make up the attractions at the park today.

This amusement park is clean, beautifully presented and well maintained.

Peppa Pig World and the surrounding Paultons Park is one of the best theme parks to visit with children of all ages and makes for a great Family day.

Whether visiting the park with a baby, toddler or school aged child everyone is sure to enjoy themselves.
Many of the rides have low height restrictions. This opens up a wide variety of rides including some of the thrill rides to a younger age group.
The minimum height limit on even the most thrilling rides is set at only 120cm and on many rides throughout the park, smaller children can join if accompanied by an adult.
There is even a family roller coaster that can be ridden as young as 1 year old.Use your own discretion to decide which rides your toddler will enjoy.
The “Tot Swap” is a great system that allows parents to take the ride in turns. The first parent takes the ride while the other parent stays with the baby, on exiting the ride the first rider asks the operator for a Tot-Swap card which allows the other parent to skip the queue to complete the ride.
With rides suitable for smaller kids interspersed with the more thrilling rides it is easy to keep all ages happy and entertained.


The park is laid out with Peppa Pig World on one side of the park and The Lost World at the opposite end of the park. The main entrance and Wild Forest Family Restaurant sits centrally with other rides, the Aviaries, gardens, 4D cinema and splash park sitting in between.


Peppa Pig World is a favourite with toddlers and preschoolers. Based on the British cartoon Peppa Pig which has been entertaining children around the world since 2004. Peppa Pig is shown in 180 regions, and in more than 20 languages so children from around the world can watch the series in preparation for a visit to the park. The bright colours and cartoon scenery feel like you are stepping onto the set of the show and are sure to delight children.

What age is the best for visiting Peppa Pig World? Peppa Pig World and Paultons Park is a great theme park suitable for the whole family. Plan your visit with this helpful guide.The rides are certainly on the timid side but the larger size of the carriages means the whole family can join for group rides. Everyone can pretend to be a little kid again, after all, those giggles of joy from a toddler are infectious.
Watching my 66-year-old father in law riding George’s dinosaur is a memory the kids and I will treasure for a lifetime and continue to remind him about as well.

Rides include George’s Dinosaur Adventure, Daddy Pig’s Car Ride, Grandpa Pig’s Little Train, Peppa Pig’s Balloon Ride, Grandpa Pig’s Boat Trip, Miss Rabbit’s Helicopter Ride and the Windy Castle Ride.

There are opportunities for children to meet the characters throughout the day.

If it starts to rain (as it did during both of our visits) take cover in the indoor soft play area. A single entry and exit make it easy to ensure the kids don’t wander off. Grab a coffee, use the free wifi and have a few minutes of downtime while the kids entertain themselves.
Bring socks from home as these are required, otherwise, you will need to purchase a pair from the nearby gift shop, which also houses the largest collection of Peppa Pig merchandise.


The Lost Kingdom is home to 27 animatronic dinosaurs and a number of Jurassic themed rides.

Peppa Pig World and Paultons Park is a great theme park suitable for the whole family. Plan your visit with this helpful guide.
Picture was taken from Paultons Park Website

The Flight of the Pterosaur is a suspended roller coaster and gives a smooth flight-like ride with all the thrills. Children over 4 years and 1 metre tall can ride this and the other roller coaster, known as the Velociraptor, with an adult.
In The Lost Kingdom section of the park rides suitable for smaller children are interspersed with the thrill rides. This makes it easy for families to split and complete rides based on the child’s age and preferences and then easily meet up once the rides are finished.

Peppa Pig World and Paultons Park is a great theme park suitable for the whole family. Plan your visit with this helpful guide.
We did this a few times, taking our youngest on the Boulder Dash which is suitable from 12 months while our 6-year-old went on the rollercoaster with another adult. From the Boulder Dash, we could see him go past, wave out and get ready to meet him at the end of his ride. The Dino Chase is a prehistoric junior roller coaster and children are able to ride from 12 months. It is a good entry level coaster for adventurous toddlers and preschoolers.
There is no age limit on the Dinosaur Tour Company. An expedition style ride through a prehistoric land. All ages can join.  The Temple heights ride swoops and rises giving views across the lost kingdom and can be ridden from 90cm in height.


At the same end of the park as the Lost Kingdom you find more thrilling rides.
The Cobra is a big hit with thrilling drops and hair-raising turns. Children 1.1m and up can ride with an adult.
Peppa Pig World and Paultons Park is a great theme park suitable for the whole family. Plan your visit with this helpful guide.

The Edge is described as the parks most exhilarating ride.

The Edge, a large travelling disk that you are strapped onto, glides and spins through the air along a 90m track. Children should be over 6 and 1.2m tall to ride.
The Raging River Log flume takes riders down 2 drops, be ready for a big splash and to get wet, best left to the end of the day unless you like sitting around in wet clothes. Want to dry off, use the coin activated human size blow dryer.

There is also a small splash and play water area running on hot days so consider packing a bathing suit for the kids.

Peppa Pig World and Paultons Park is a great theme park suitable for the whole family. Plan your visit with this helpful guide.At Critter Creek you’ll find the Cat-o-pillar Coaster which can be ridden from 90cm, an Alice in Wonderland inspired family roller-coaster, another great one for the younger ones that still want a bit more adventure. Also in the vicinity are the traditional rides like the Teacups, Pirate Ship, Victorian Merry-go-round, Jumping Bean and Kontiki.

Peppa Pig World and Paultons Park is a great theme park suitable for the whole family. Plan your visit with this helpful guide.

For more fun indoors visit the 4D theatre, lasting about 20 minutes, sit back and go on a journey from the safety of your seat, feel bumps, breeze and spray. Our three-year-old did find it a little frightening despite the film being about a cartoon turtle. She did, however, want to go back in as soon as the show was over so obviously wasn’t so traumatized.


If you get hungry there are food kiosks throughout the park selling typical fast foods, coffee and ice cream. I suggest heading to the Wild Forest Family Restaurant which is by the main entrance. Most of the food here is made to order. There is a good variety of cooked to order hot and cold meals, vegetarian dishes and freshly prepared salads included on the menu.


  • Peppa Pig World is busiest in the morning.
  • Take socks for the indoor play area
  • Take a bathing suit if planning to use the splash park.
  • Buy your ticket online between 1 day and 1 year in advance. Paultons guarantees you will not find a cheaper priced ticket available elsewhere.
  • A full list of rides and their height restrictions can be found here.
  • Paultons can be accessed with public transport, more details can be found on their website.
  • If you are planning on staying in the area take advantage of the combined ticket and hotel deals.

This was our second visit to Paultons Park. This latest visit we were 3 generations ranging from 3-66 years. It was a great bonding experience for our family. I won’t hesitate to visit again next time we are in the area.

Have you been to Paultons Park? What are your favourite amusement parks with younger aged kids?

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Are your kids huge Peppa Pig fans? Then take them to Paulton's Park near Southampton, United Kingdom. This theme park is perfect for younger kids with adventure rides throughout the park as well as the candy coloured Peppa Pig World that toddlers and preschoolers will love. #themepark #parenting #england #UK #Travelwithkids #Peppapig


  1. I never knew there was a Pepper Pig World! Looks like a fantastic attraction for little ones, and the rides look like fun for the adults too.

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