Sake Tasting Japan: Tokyo Craft Sake Week

Craft Sake Week Roppongi Hills Cherry Blossom in Tokyo SAKE TASTING JAPAN: ROPPONGI HILLS CRAFT SAKE WEEK IN TOKYO

Want to go to one of the best Sake Tasting events in Japan?

Head to the Roppongi Hills Craft Sake week in Tokyo.

The Sake festival runs for a week each April. Right in Cherry Blossom season the venue is decorated with beautiful blossoms. A hidden gem in Tokyo not to be missed.Roppongi Hills Craft Sake week

Sake in Tokyo- Craft Sake Week a spring time Sake Festival.

As travellers, aren’t we all looking for that “hidden gem” “like a local” “off the beaten path” experience? We were lucky enough to be told about such an event when we were visiting Tokyo in Spring 2017.

The Roppongi Hills Craft Sake week is a 10 day Sake festival held each year where you can try some of the best Sake in Tokyo. Over 100 Sake producers come from around Japan to showcase their Sake.

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The Roppongi Hills complex is a modern concept of living, working and entertaining in one space. Mixing apartment living with open spaces, office buildings, temporary exhibitions and changing events.

The venue for the Craft Sake week is decorated with fresh Cherry Blossoms, wooden benches and circled by food trucks, the feeling of being in a park-like setting without the concern of temperamental spring weather.

Each day 10 Sake breweries are showcased with a different region featured every day as well as a sparkling sake theme day.
There are a huge variety of Sake and also different price points.

Entry includes a stylish crystal sake glass and a starter set of tokens. There are Sake for 1, 2 or 3 tokens and food can also be purchased with tokens. More tokens can be purchased if needed.

Tokyo Sake at it's best the boutique Craft Sake week in Roppongi Hills in Tokyo Japan

All up is cost us 3500 yen each and we each tried 6 Sake each, this was plenty for us.

Be sure to try the sparkling sake as well as the Nigori sake which is a cloudy, unfiltered sake, which still has some rice solids in it. A unique texture, you might not like it but travel is about new experiences right?

Sake Tasting in Japan. Tokyo Craft Sake week at Roppongi Hills. Was this suitable for children?

Well kind of, there were no restrictions on bringing the children.

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Things to note:

  • There were limited places to sit, most of the benches were higher and designed to stand around.
  • It gets busy on the weekend and in the evening. The Sake festival opens at midday each day so come in the afternoon before the after-work crowd arrives and avoid the weekend.
  • The drinks are cheap but the food is expensive so have lunch before you arrive. The food did look beautiful though so if the budget isn’t tight eat for sure.
  • Someone had a pet owl! And I got to hold it! No guarantee they will be there when you visit though.
  • Apparently our whole family are expert fan throwers and we managed to each win a box of sake flavoured Kit Kats.
Roppongi Hills Craft Sake Week Tokyo will be held 19-29 April 2019.   
Entrance is 3500 yen and tickets can be purchased from the venue.

Please let me know if you make it to the Craft Sake Week, I’d love to know what you thought of the sparkling sake and the unfiltered sake and maybe you can recommend me your favourite sake.


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If you are a fan of Japanese food, Sake or Cherry Blossoms the Craft Sake Festival is for you. Read on to find out how to visit this boutique Sake festival for yourself #festival #cherryblossom #foodietravel #cocktails #food #travel #japan #tokyo #sake

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