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Wondering how to get rid of motion sickness on your next trip? Has your family been affected by motion sickness when traveling by boat, car, plane or train? Having a child who suffers from motion sickness or suffering it yourself can be a debilitating experience.

Motion sickness can be even more difficult to cope with when travelling.

With limited clothing in a tightly packed suitcase, flights to catch or the inflexibility of travelling in a group or on public transport motion sickness can be even more difficult to manage when travelling. Here are some ways to help you get rid of motion sickness on your next trip:


  1. Travel at night or during nap time

    You won’t get motion sickness when you are asleep if your child is a relatively good sleep this might be the perfect solution. Take an overnight flight or set off on your drive during nap time or bed time. However, ensure you stay safe by ensuring the driver is well rested.

  2. Keep hydrated

    Sure it may mean stopping for a few more toilet breaks but keeping hydrated will help with the symptoms of motion sickness. Have cool water available to sip on.

  3. Keep Snacks to a minimum

    Keep snacks to a minimum. I have made this mistake before with my daughter. Constantly handing her snacks since she would say she was hungry, when in fact she was feeling sicker and sicker and just didn’t have the words to express it, or the understanding of what she was feeling. Eating small amounts often may improve the feeling of nausea but be careful not to overdo it.

  4. Sit with a forward view

    If on a train choose a forward facing seat with a good view out the window. On a bus choose a seat close to the front to maximise the view out the window. Encourage children to look out towards the Horizon by pointing out objects far away.

  5. Close your eyes

    If it difficult to find something stable and still to look at like on an airplane, try getting kids to close their eyes. Most kids are resistant to this if it is not nap time. Encourage eye closing by listening to music, an audiobook or telling an imaginative story.

    Car driving on a straight road is a good way to get rid of motion sickness.
    If only all roads could be so straight and flat.
  6. Plan regular stops

    Plan regular stops. The cure for motion sickness is stopping the motion. Taking extra stops isn’t always possible but if you take regular stops to get out of the vehicle. Allow extra time for journeys and factor in flexibility when considering public versus private transport options. Map out a few safe places to stop ahead of time, maps for places with toilets and playgrounds ahead of time.

  7. Be prepared

    Have containers and bags that can be used if the child is sick, preferably that can be sealed until it is possible to dispose of them. Large Ziplock bags or family size ice cream containers are good options. They are also good for storing any soiled clothes.

    Sick of suffering from motion sickness? Follow this advise to get rid of motion sickness on your next trip.
    You’ve got to get inventive when travelling
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  8. Be covered

    Especially for younger children. Cover the car upholstery with removable washable covers. Children’s car seats shouldn’t have anything used in them that isn’t supplied by the manufacturer so instead place a towel on the child’s lap or use a light blanket. A hooded towel or a large bib designed to catch food is also another option. Be sure to always supervise children closely if left with articles that could cause strangulation. On a boat, if the temperature permits wear raincoats which can easily be wiped clean if the worst happens.

  9. Don’t read this article while you are moving

    Don’t read this article while you are moving, or any article for that matter. Focusing down and reading will worsen symptoms. Discourage kids from reading or looking down at tablets instead pick something to look at that is fixed and not moving, the horizon in a boat or landmarks in a car or train.

    How to give rid of motion sickness using natural remedies.

  10. Pretend to drive

    This is a tip I only came across recently but I have tried it during our trip through the Atlas mountains in Morocco and it really did work for me. My kids thought it was hilarious but happily joined in when they started feeling a little green.

  11. Avoid strong smells

    Whether you are on a plane, train or boat position yourself so you are away from strong smells. This means avoiding sitting near the exhaust, away from the galley, toilets or Aunty that over does their perfume.

  12. Do some wrist acupressure

    Some people find Acupressure helps to relieve their symptoms. Practice ahead of time and show your child how to do it themselves or try doing it for them and see which way you find more effective.

  13. Get flat to get rid of motion sickness

    For those on a ship lying flat can improve motion sickness. This technique doesn’t work for everyone but some people can get almost total relief from lying flat.

  14. Eat Ginger

    Eating a small amount of ginger root before travel can be beneficial in reducing the symptoms of motion sickness. Aim to eat at least 2 grams. It is not clear if chewing it is better than taking a tablet. Ginger can be taken in many forms such as chewable lozenges, ginger cookies, included in soups or drinks or capsules. My preferred form is crystallised ginger which can be eaten alone, as part of trail mix or incorporated into a small whole grain muffin.How to get rid of motion sickness? Natural Remedies for Motion Sickness: Ginger can be eaten in muffins, drinks or taken in capsule form.

  15. Consider Medication

    There are a number of medications available for the prevention and treatment of motion sickness. The best cure is prevention, medication should be taken prior to the trip. Some side effects can include drowsiness, dry mouth. Some medications can even cause hyperactivity in young children, we met “frisky lion” as my son called himself when he had a hyperactive reaction to a usually sedating motion sickness medication. Be sure to talk to your pharmacist or doctor before using any medication.

  16. Choose the right seat

    Choose the right seat on a plane. Ask to be seated toward the front of the wing, this is the most stable position. Avoid being seated in the back where movement is most pronounced and avoid sitting or near the toilet or galley where strong smells and people moving back and forth could make symptoms worse.

    How to get rid of motion sickness. Follow these tips for natural remedies for travel sickness and be more comfortable on your next journey.
    A seat further forward would be better for relieving motion sickness.


  17. Remove things from the line of vision

    A swinging toy hanging in front of a car seat or an air freshener hanging from the rear vision mirror can be distracting and exacerbate the perception of motion. Remove anything that is moving and blocking a clear view out the window. This may also mean removing sun-shades from windows.

What have you found works for you with regards to relieving motion sickness? Have you tried ginger? Do you like the flavour? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Henry Killingsworth Reply

    Thank you for pointing out that there are many medications that can be used to prevent motion sickness. I am planning on taking a charter bus when I go to visit my parents in November. I don’t want to get motion sick during the trip, so I will have to make sure that I get the right medication.

  2. These are all great ideas. I think chewing mint flavored gum works sometimes too- definitely drink a lot, or keep sipping on water!


  3. Oohh these are such useful tips! Number 10 can look a little crazy sometimes haha but I swear it actually works 🙂 reallyyyy don’t like ginger but I’ve heard that works wonders as well

  4. These are all great tips. Mr. Teacher and I both get horrible motion sickness. We have tried nearly all of these. I like to travel with ginger chews made by the Ginger People. They are easy to carry and really help!

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