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A wedding poem for a couple that loves travel and adventure

With our 10 year wedding anniversary coming up next year I have been thinking about ways that we can celebrate.

My top wedding anniversary adventure picks would be to go to the Maldives or to Antarctica. I know they are literally polar opposites but they both seem like great places to go without kids, which is one of the reasons we haven’t taken these trip yet.

Those trips may have to wait for the 40th birthday celebrations in a few more years time. Since due to living half a world away from family (and therefore babysitting) we might need to keep things a bit more low key.

I’ve just been updating my Scotland road trip post and while looking through my journals I came across a wee poem I wrote for a wedding we attended while we were in the UK.

It is just a wee poem about travel, adventure, and love.

I put it out in the world and hope that others will enjoy it too.

Love is meant to be an adventure
Let trust be your map
Respect your compass
and friendship your passport
May you travel to the ends of the earth for each other
and find happiness at every destination in life.

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